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It is the hope of WrensWorld that through these pages our troops, and their families,
will know that they are appreciated as we wait and pray for their safe return.

Dedicated To All Our Troops
May They All Come Safely Home

You can also find patriotic seasonal pages 
(Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day) 
in the City Nest of Wren's World.

I Pledge Allegiance
Recorded by Red Sovine

One Nation Under God
Poem by Francine Pucillo

God Bless The USA
This Page Requires Extra Load Time, and Patience :o)
Vocal and lyrics by Lee greenwood

My Patriotic Valentine

The Price of War
Patriotic poem with Billy Ray Cyrus's "Some Gave All" vocal and lyrics

The Things That Make A Soldier Great
Patriotic poem written by Edgar Guest

In Memory of 9-11-01
"Here buildings fell, and here a nation rose"

Here Freedom Flies In Your Heart Like An Eagle
Patriotic poem written by Medal of Honor recipient and actor, Audie Murphy

We The People
Let your voice be heard

Ode To Cornel Nistorescu
We rarely get a chance to see another country's editorials about the USA. I hope
you appreciate this article from the Romanian newspaper, Evenimentulzilei, as much as I.

A Hero Is Never Alone

A Yellow Ribbon...Until They Come Home

Ragged Old Flag
Song Lyrics and vocal by Johnny Cash may require extra load time...and your patience :o)

Among The Stars...
A tribute to the crew of the US Space Shuttle Columbia

Thank You For Our Freedom

Some Gave All...All Gave Some

NewYork, New York
Song Lyrics and Vocal by Frank Sinatra requires extra load time

An American Is....

Beacons... Twin Beams Of Hope and Love
Remembrance of  September 11, 2001

The Long Good-bye
In Memory of  September 11, 2001

Courageous Hearts In A Garden Of Stone

Common Soldier

Ira Hayes
In Remembrance of 9-11
Wonderful poem by the Poet Warrior, Marsha Burks Megehee

I Was There(Silent Night 9-11)
Beautiful narration in MP3 format

Where Was God On September 11, 2001?
Do you wonder what God's answer might be to that question?

Fear Not

Liberty Rising

Christmas Letter
Christmas poem for our military loved ones

May There Be Peace On Earth
Patriotic Christmas Poem

Christmas Memories For 9-11-01

Where The Stars and Stripes and The Eagle Fly
Sung by Arron Tippin....with Lyrics...Requires Extra Load Time, and Patience :o)

Lady Liberty...Like A light From Above

The Devil Went To New York City

Eagle Feathers Fall

Five Thousand Plus...A Hero Lies In You
Mariah Carey's recording "A Hero Lies In You"
Requires Extra Load Time, and Patience :o)

Purple Mountain Majesty...America The Beautiful
This Page Requires Extra Load Time, and Patience :o)
Vocalized by Amy Grant, Kenny Rogers, 
Lyle Lovett, Vince Gill, and other recording artist.

America...Forever In God's Hands
Original poem by Rinda Nelson enhanced with Java applet and
pictures of the 9-11 attack on America

The Eagle Still Rinda Nelson
America's Spirit Can't Be Broken

The Day The World Cried
Terrorism in America

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