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WrensWorld Questions

QUESTION:  How do I navigate in

Answer:  First, It is important for you to know that many of the pages in require that your browser be Java enabled in order to be viewed properly.

The 600+ pages that comprise Wren's World are divided into sections.  There is a drop-down menu located on the Home Page that provides access to all the "branches" in wrensworld.  There is also a text link provided at the bottom of most pages to other areas of wrensworld.  With few exceptions the pages all have a drop-down menu that provides links to other pages within that particular category as well.  Most text links in are shown in the same color as the page text.  They are normally underlined and, if your browser allows, they will change colors when you place your mouse over them.  There is also a Site Map that has text links (alphabetical order according to the name of the page) to ALL the pages in

QUESTION:  How do I subscribe to WrensWorld Newsletter?   How do I subscribe to updates for WrensWorld?

Answer:  At this time, WrensWorld does not have a newsletter, or a subscribers list.  However, new pages are always presented on the "What's New" section of  
We try to update weekly.  Unfortunately, sometimes health or travel issues can cause delays in updating the site. May we suggest you "bookmark", or add to your browser's "favorites", the page at the above link, and check back frequently to see what's new.

Music Questions

QUESTION:  I can't hear the do I get the music to play?

Answer:  Can you hear the music on any of the other WrensWorld pages?  Or is the problem just on a particular page?  If the problem is one page only, please let me know which page you are having difficulty with (Wren's World has approximately 600 pages, so I need to know the name of the page)  I will check to see if there is something wrong with the page that I can fix. However, it has been my experience that usually such a problem is the result of your computer or browser settings.  Please click HERE for a possible solution.

QUESTION:  Where can I purchase a CD for the music I hear in WrensWorld?

Answer:  The music you hear in Wren's World is only for the purpose of your enjoyment and entertainment. does not offer any CD's for sale, nor are we affiliated with any commercial company. Whenever possible, we do provide a link to the music owner.  This link is usually found below the music player, next to the title of the music playing, and is either shown as "Sequenced by"(midi files) or "Recorded by"(WAV files)  You can locate the music source either at the top, left-hand corner of the page, or near the bottom of the page.  We have found that is an excellent source to purchase CD's in general, and the performing artist often make CD's available on their personal website.  When there is a link available, it will be to the performing artist.

Poem Questions

QUESTION:  Where can I find a poem titled "???", or with certain words I remember?

Answer:  If it is a poem you have seen featured on, we can help you find the page it is on, if you email us.  Most of the poems in our collection are already on wrensworld,  so if it is not posted, we probably don't have it, and don't know where it is available. When asked this question in the past, I have sometimes been able to help locate the poem in question by doing a search on Goggle (or other search engines)  I suggest typing the title or a line from the poem in between  quotation marks, as  "this poem i want to find".  If it's on the Internet, it will most likely come up in the search.   If it can't be found in this manner, I have no other resources to locate specific poems that are not published on

QUESTION:  May I use the poems on wrensworld for my personal project?

Answer:   The poems located in wrensworld are the property of their respective owners, and we cannot give permission for their use.  If the author of a poem is known, you will always find the name at the end of the poem, and a link is provided to contact the author by clicking on their name.  If there is no link, it is because the author is unknown, or has stated they do not wish to have a contact link associated with their work.  The only exceptions are poems written by Rinda Nelson.  Contact for permission to use her poems.

Graphics Questions

QUESTION:  May I use the graphics on wrensworld for my personal project?

Answer:  The graphics located in wrensworld are the property of their respective owners, and we cannot give permission for their use.
The designer of the graphics are located at the bottom of each page, along with a link to the graphic designer's website.  Just click on their name or logo graphic.  You can then obtain the permission you need directly from them.  The only exceptions are graphics created by WrensByDesign.  Contact for permission to use these graphics.

"His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me."

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