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Welcome to the Harbor Nest in

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Enter the Card Room, and send Free and Easy Personalized Greeting Cards, Or you can choose a ready made card from Wren's Heavenly Greetings selection.

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Not everything in WrensWorld is pretty...
Please visit the
"Lupus In Wren's World" branch.
This section of WrensWorld explains what Lupus is and the effects of this disease

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Welcome..Come in to The Chapel in Wren's World

Visit The Chapel In Wren's World.
Inside you will find Christian guidance
and touching testimonies from visitors.

Tributes and Memorials
for my Family and Friends

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My Fabulous Family

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Beyond This Gate Is My "Heaven On Earth"
My life's ever-changing moments of happiness

Ahh..You've found the little corner of heaven on earth where that is made up of personal things for my family and friends.
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If you have enjoyed Wren's Harbor Nest, I cordially invite you to visit Wren's City Nest. I hope you have enjoyed your visit, bookmark this page and return again. God Bless... :o)...Wren (aka Rinda) Java(tm).

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The Eagle Still Fllies!!!

The Patriotic Branch of

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"His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me."